2019 - Annual Statistical Data Report

Library Specific Notes

  • Institutional Expenses from Ministry Audited Financial Statements (web)
  • Data not provided that may affect charts: FTE International students, Article downloads, Ebook section downloads
  • Staffing: Other professionals:  Assistant to Director and Copyright Advisor
  • Usage: Directional questions based on sampling
  • Data not provided that may affect charts: Total hours open per week (Sept-Apr) for the two campuses
Capilano University Library:
  • Gate Count: Data not available
  • Data missing but will not affect charts, using 2018: Cataloguing s/w, Primary source of bibliographic materials, ILS paid from Library budget? 
Coast Mountain College:
  • Gate count is for the Prince Rupert Campus only.
  • The Terrace campus library flooded in October 2018 and stopped filling ILL requests for the duration of the period.  Other stats (reference stats, circulation, etc.) will be affected by the disruption caused by the flood as well.
  • Our monograph numbers do not align well with previous years but we are unable to account for this discrepancy as the previous method for reporting is unclear.
College of the Rockies Library:
  • Only Ministry supplied student number data available for 2019. Other core from 2018.
Douglas College Library:

[Ebook section downloads flagged in yellow on submission]

ECUAD-Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons:
  • Streaming media count includes 144,000 Lynda.com videos and 30,000 Kanopy
KPU Library:


  • Other: This number has decreased from the previous year due to major weeding of back issue volumes.
  • Electronic Serial Titles: We purchased an historical periodical collection that added 8,500 titles. We also added a large open access journal collection.


  • Article Downloads: Most article databases had increased downloads over last year. ScienceDirect up 40,000; Ebsco up 33,000; ProQuest up 9,000, etc.
  • Ebook Section Downloads: Ebook Central had a huge increase in usage, almost 100,000 more than last year.
North Island College:
  • Facilities/Hours: Campbell River campus library was moved into temporary space during construction - no gate count, floor space, etc.
Northern Lights College:
  • E-book section Downloads: Actual downloads (205) + views (2591) are 2,791.  Views are included as patrons can read ebooks directly from record and don’t have to download them. We have no other area to count the views.
  • Data not supplied that may affect charts: International students
Okanagan College:
  • Usage: Reference and instruction stats are reported for the 2018-19 academic year (September-August).
  • Facilities: The area of the Salmon Arm library was reduced in 2018-19 by 45 sq. metres to accommodate new testing rooms and offices.
Quest University Canada Library:

Data not provided that may affect charts: Electronic Serial titles, Article downloads, Ebook section downloads, International students, Institutional expenditures.

UNBC - Geoffrey R. Weller Library:
  • Gate count based on representative day
  • In house use circulation not collected
  • Article and ebook downloads not collected in format appropriate for survey
  • Institutional Expenses from Ministry Audited Financial Reports (web)
University of Victoria:
  • International graduate numbers included in Ministry FTE students actual.
  • Interlibrary loan data and definition to be verified
  • Institutional Expenses from Ministry - Audited Financial Statements (web)
Vancouver Island University:
  • New librarian position is Associate University Librarian. New student work-op position was grant-funded (digitization).
  • Drop in direct circulation is due to correction of reporting practice; previous years included renewals.
  • Data not provided that may affect charts: Article downloads, Ebook section downloads

General Notes


Ministry provides student enrollment data (FTE) but data excludes international education (except the international graduate students from the research universities: Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, University of Northern British Columbia, and University of Victoria)


2019 CPSLD Definitions document (revised May 2019)

Missing Data

COTR data not available